True art is characterized by an irresistible urge in the creative artist.
– Albert Einstein

Lisa De Rose, owner and floral stylist of De Rose Designs & Floral Boutique established the boutique in 2004. Her vision then was to create an intimate floral boutique and share her passion for flowers with the world. Her dreams remain unchanged as her reputation continues to blossom. An award-winning florist with true creative eye, Lisa’s work is unmistakably that of an artist. Her innate sense of style and insistence on the highest quality of floral means her arrangements are the perfect compliment to any event.

Throughout her career, Lisa has had the pleasure of working with top designers in Canada and abroad. Inspired by the European approach to style, she often travels overseas to keep on top of the latest industry trends. To ensure that the highest standard of customer service and quality are maintained for her clients, Lisa typically commits to no more than two major bookings per week.

Lisa loves: Walking into a cooler full of fresh orchids, the smell of freesia and using an ordinary container in an extraordinary way, pretty ribbons, peonies, pearls and pretty much anything floral!